#InTheaters :: ‘Hugo’, ‘The Muppets’, and ‘Arthur Christmas’

Enjoy watching movies and going to see them on the big screen? Here’s the newest movies to hit theaters this holiday weekend!

Hugo: In this Martin Scorsese directed film, an orphan, Hugo, who lives in the walls of a train station is on a quest to unlock an important secret left to him by his father. Find out where this quest lands Hugo in this family movie!

The Muppets: They’re back! In this family comedy Gary, Jason Segal, and Mary, Amy Adams help reunite the Muppets in order to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon. Find out how the Muppets reunite and get a laugh while doing so!

Arthur Christmas: Santa Claus has kids?! Santa’s youngest son, Arthur looks to uses his father’s high-tech operation to accomplish an urgent mission before Christmas morning dawns. Find out if Arthur can accomplish his mission in time in this family holiday movie!

The theater is filled with family movies, perfect for the holiday weekend. Take your pick and come back and tell us your thoughts!

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